Your Teeth Can Be Whiter Than Ever Through Cosmetic Dentistry In St George Ut

byAlma Abell

One of the biggest cosmetic concerns people have with their teeth is staining. Unfortunately, staining can begin to occur as soon as the adult’s teeth begin to erupt in a person’s mouth. As a person grows older, the microscopic openings in their teeth widen, allowing stains to become trapped inside. When this happens, the teeth become dull, yellow, darkened and even brown.

There are several factors that can cause a person’s smile to become stained. Smoking, red wine, colas, coffee and certain fruits and vegetables can all cause issues. To overcome staining, people can see their cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatments. With cosmetic dentistry in St George UT, a person’s teeth can be transformed so they can finally appreciate the beauty of their smile.


Whitening treatments are one of the most popular in Cosmetic Dentistry in St George UT. These treatments are fairly affordable compared to other cosmetic procedures and can make a drastic difference in the appearance of a person’s smile.

The ingredient that makes teeth stains go away is hydrogen peroxide. Yes, this is the same thing as in your medicine cabinet but at a strength you cannot purchase. Once applied to the teeth, it immediately begins to go to work to remove deep stains that are often trapped in the dentin area of the teeth.

These treatments typically take around an hour, depending on the strength of the whitener. Most people will need more than one treatment for stain removal success, depending on how severe the discoloration of their teeth is.

When the desired result has been achieved, it can last as long as two years with proper oral hygiene care. Avoiding smoking and certain foods and beverages can help to keep the stains away longer. Some dentists will have their patients use special whitening pastes and rinses to keep their teeth as white as possible between treatments.

Those who are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing discolored teeth can find help for their appearance through a cosmetic dentist. To get started on uncovering the true beauty of your smile, call the dentist and schedule an appointment.

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