Shopping Around For The Best Mortgage Rates In Today’s Economy

By Adriana Noton

If you are shopping around for the best mortgage rates in today’s economy you may be in luck. With the Government trying to stimulate sales the prime rate is as low as you will probably ever see it. This means that interest for financing a house is also at an all time low. With builders lowering the cost of these residences as well, there may never be a better time to buy the dream home you have been searching for.

With the dramatic drop in home values many people were forced to walk away from their residences, because they owed more on them then they were worth. Potential buyers have been hesitant to make new purchases for fear that this downward trend may continue. With foreclosures at an all time high, the future of the housing market does not look very promising.

However there may be some hope, because these events and the overall state of the economy have prompted the Federal Government to lower the rate that they charge to their best customers. This prime interest rate is normally the basis on which all banks determine the rates that they will charge for home loans. Consequently we are seeing mortgages being offered at some of the lowest costs in decades.


For anyone considering a new purchase they can take advantage of these extremely low mortgages. For those who are having a difficult time with their current payments, refinancing their mortgage could lock them in to a lower rate, and end up saving them thousands in the end. And saving money is a big concern for many people these days.

Because there has been a flood of foreclosed homes on the market builders have had to reduce their prices on new construction. In order to be competitive today residential dwellings are being sold for some of their lowest prices in years. People looking to purchase may never see bargains like this again. These lower costs coupled with the rock bottom interest rate charges make today one of the most opportune times to buy.

Mortgages come in many forms and sizes. You may choose a variable rate that could rank among the lowest possible, or you might want to pay a little more for a fixed fifteen or thirty year mortgage, and not worry about the rate ever increasing during the period of the loan. There are many choices when it comes to mortgages and there are many companies willing to lend to you so find the one that caters to your needs.

You may still be skeptical and think that you will wait it out, but history has shown that the economy always bounces back and sooner or later the rates will begin going up again. You could stand to lose a lot of money with each increase in percentage points.

It is true that shopping around for the best mortgage rates in today’s economy could be a scary thought. But actually it may be the best time ever to secure an interest rate that may never be lower.

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