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Probably one of the best cosmetic procedures in todays world is called microdermabrasion. It is none other than the removal of the outer layer of the skin by performing a light abrasion which to some might sound agonizing but in reality it is quite a simple operation. This procedure is typically performed by dermatologists and specialists in spas and beauty salons, but nowadays it can be done very easily at the comfort of your home thanks to microdermabrasion kits.

More and more elderly women are using microdermabrasion as a useful means to fighting the stress and strides of old age. As time goes by, the cleansing of the skin, the removal of sweat and dust in the skin cells becomes a real problem. Just by cleansing and moisturizing your skin is not enough to keep your complexion radiant. As a matter of fact, the aging of a womans skin is more visible on the face and microdermabrasion seems to be working very well for countless women who have had their skin rejuvenated and free from skin stretching marks and wrinkles owing to this procedure. This is also effective on young women who have problems with acne. It is highly recommended that the treatment of microdermabrasion should be used by women to prevent the onset of old aged skin.


The process of microdermabrasion in some spas and beauty salons is very simple. It is a mechanical abrasion wand that utilizes zinc oxide or aluminum oxide crystals to get rid of the skin cells of the outer layer where these cells are practically vacuumed off. The procedure is usually painless even if some women have complained that after undergoing this treatment they felt pain and their skin was sore for several days. On the other hand, microdermabrasion done in these places by professionals is tailored to the needs of every single customer.

The home microdermabrasion kit version that you can purchase is for those women who dont have any time to visit the spas or beauty salon because of their working commitments and is very simple to use. The kit comes with a hand held microdermabrasion machine powered by batteries and has three soft brushes which attach to the machine itself. The kit also includes a container with minute crystals of zinc oxide, which are rubbed on the face by the brushes. When the machine is switched on and working, it applies the fine crystals on the skin removing all the dead cells. You are in charge of the amount of pressure you apply to the skin so it should be harmless and easy to do.

There could be some negative reaction to the minute crystals for instance, if such crystals were inhaled into the lungs it could cause difficulty of breathing as well as produce irritation to the nose and make you start to cough. It is very important that before undertaking microdermabrasion you cover the nostrils as well as eyes. In any case, the recommendation is that you do a thorough investigation of the spa or salon or you intend to go to before deciding where to go.

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