I 693 Medical Exam Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

I-693 Medical Exam Near Me: What You Need to Know

The I-693 medical exam, also referred to as the Immigration Medical Examination, is a crucial part of the immigration process in the United States. This exam is used by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to confirm that applicants for green cards (lawful permanent residents) are not inadmissible to the U.S. on public health grounds.

To get an I-693 medical exam, you need to find a designated civil surgeon in your vicinity. This step plays a pivotal role in the smooth progress of your immigration case. So, if you’re searching for an ‘I-693 medical exam near me,’ this article will help you understand the process holistically.

Finding an I-693 Medical Examiner

The USCIS holds a comprehensive list of approved civil surgeons who can perform the I-693 examination. To find one near you, visit the USCIS’s ‘Find a Doctor’ page on their official website. Here, by simply putting in your ZIP code, you can locate a list of approved examiners in your area. Always assure to schedule your appointment well in advance, helping you to meet your USCIS appointment or court appearance promptly.

What to Expect in the I-693 Medical Exam

The I-693 medical examination includes a general checkup along with screening for several diseases and mental disorders that could make you inadmissible to the U.S. Typically, the medical examination consists of a mental and physical evaluation, a tuberculosis (TB) screening, and vaccinations if necessary. Understandably, results may vary depending on the applicant’s health condition.

It’s crucial to remember that, although the I-693 medical exam aims to protect U.S public health, it doesn’t substitute for a full medical checkup or ongoing healthcare. Furthermore, the civil surgeon conducts the exam in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, which assures all applicants that the process is ethical and meticulous.

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After the I-693 Medical Exam

Once your I-693 medical examination is done, the results are typically valid for two years. The civil surgeon will seal your results in an envelope, which you should not open but directly submit to USCIS. If you wish, you can request a copy for your records. It should be remembered that USCIS might reject your application if they find the envelope tampered with.

Overall, the I-693 medical exam is an essential aspect of achieving American immigration status legally and healthily. If you’re searching for an ‘I-693 medical exam near me,’ we hope this article aids your understanding and helps locate a suitable examiner for you.

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