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Submitted by: Paula Gerie

Outdoor activities are always fun for social gatherings with friends and family and one great way to enjoy this time together is with a large BBQ on a warm summers night. However BBQ are known for posing risks which can, at times, be avoided by taking basic precautionary measures and not turning a blind eye to potentially dangerous situations. Mishandling of BBQs can have serious consequences which are best avoided. Never underestimate the danger that can come through striking the BBQ. It is all about common sense and preparing yourself for any situation which can occur when least expected.

We all want a safe experience when lighting the BBQ, so here are several tips which can turn a frightful experience in to a fun and enjoyable one. Many of us can find ourselves being easily distracted when handling the BBQ; after all how can we not be with when family and friends are present, we simply want to enjoy their company and there is no harm in that, obviously. Avoiding an injury and any damages simple precautions must be taken. Safety measures would naturally involve ensuring that your BBQ is in complete working order, always test this theory before your guests arrive, never assume that it will be ok for use, particularly if the BBQ has not been used for some time. Unfortunately a common mistake made by many is failing to ensure that the BBQ is furthest away from trees and wood as possible, for example the shed or childrens play houses; this can prove disastrous if not adhered to as such materials are set alight almost immediately if met with a live flame.


As we are all aware, children and pets are constantly active playing games and running around the garden; this is not a problem, but just keep them as far away from the BBQ and general cooking space as possible. Any toys and garden furniture such as hula hoops, footballs, and wooden chairs should also be kept well away from the BBQ and open flames. If in need of a break or for some reason the BBQ has to be left for a short period of time, always ensure another adult is present to take over; never under any circumstances it is wide to leave the BBQ unattended, this would be a careless act with disastrous results, particularly in the presence of children. In the event of an unexpected emergency, it is always wise to have a bucket of water, or even sand, present and ready to hand in order to act as quickly as possible to thwart potential blazes which can be caused by a live BBQ. A common mistake many people make is attempting to move the BBQ from one position to another; if the BBQ has been switched on and is in the process of heating up, or even cooking food, never attempt to move the BBQ; if this can be avoided, continue with the BBQ as is, however if for whatever reason the BBQ does need to be relocated, ensure it is completely turned off from the mains, wait for it to cool down as much as possible, protect with a weber BBQ cover for example, and then gently begin to move the heavy duty grill.

Another safety aspect overlooked by many is food safety; food poisoning can very easily be contracted from a BBQ due to undercooked meat and germs such as salmonella and E.coli being spread from raw meats on to food that is ready to be eaten. This can be largely avoided and germs can be killed by thoroughly cooking meat until it is piping hot. Weber BBQ U.K offers a wide range of Weber BBQ accessories which are a great aid to avoiding such disasters.

About the Author: An avid BBQ and outdoor grill specialist; Paula has dealt with varieties of high quality barbeques including

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and a range of BBQ accesories. Paula possesses years of experience and can advise on anything and everything from tools to first time BBQ tips.


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