A Review Of Weber Charbroil Grill Replacement And Auxiliary Parts

A Review of Weber Charbroil Grill Replacement and Auxiliary Parts


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Weber grills are very popular, mostly because of their great quality and excellent features that optimize your charbroil grilling activities. But it’s sometimes unavoidable to find that your grill parts have deteriorated so much after regular use, or sometimes you want to get other parts that will aid you in better grilling and broiling. Good thing there are a lot of Weber charbroil grill parts that you can buy both online and in stores that will match your Weber grills, whether they’re old or new models. This review will cover everything you need to know about these parts.

Replacement Parts

Available Products and Descriptions

There are a lot of these replacement parts that you can get in the market. The most common parts of the grill that needs replacement are the cooking grates and the charcoal grates. There are various sizes of grates that you can get, both for cooking and for charcoal heating. There are also charcoal rails and lids available for replacement. All of these models are high in quality and guaranteed durable and long-lasting. As replacement, you might not need to buy them a second time.

Cooking grates (product number 307432 and 307435) are the grates you use to place on top of the kettle. This is where the meats are cooked. Charcoal grates (product number 307440 and 307441) are similar in appearance with cooking grates, but they are smaller and are placed at the bottom of the kettle to hold the charcoal. Charcoal rails (product number 307402) are used to keep the charcoal in either side of the kettle, making indirect cooking easier than ever. Glass reinforced lid handles (product number 307405) are used for the covers of charbroil grilling kettles.


Sizes and Compatible Models

The custom sizes of the cooking grates are fit for 18.5” (307432) and 22.5” (307435) charbroiling kettles from Weber. The cooking grate 307432 fits 18.5″ One-Touch and Bar-B-Kettle grills, and Smokey Mountain Cooker smoker. The cooking grate 307435 fits 22.5” One-Touch, One-Touch Silver, Master-Touch and Bar-B-Kettle grills.

Charcoal grates have the same sizes as the cooking grates. The charcoal grate 307440 fits 18.5″ One-Touch, Bar-B-Kettle, Jumbo Joe and Smokey Joe Platinum grills. The charcoal grate 307441 fits 22.5″ One-Touch, Master Touch, Bar-B-Kettle and Performer grills. Charcoal rails 307402 fit almost all sizes of kettles, from as small as 18.5” and larger. The lid handle 307405 fits all Weber charcoal grills except Smokey Joe Tuck-N-Carry, Smokey Joe Gold, Jumbo Joe, and Smokey Joe Platinum.

Auxiliary Parts

Available Products and Descriptions

When it comes to charbroil grill parts, accessories, and auxiliary products, there are a lot of choices that you can get from Weber. Whether you’re making kabobs, roasting chicken, or grilling ribs, Weber has it all. These auxiliary parts will definitely make your charbroil grilling activities easier and a lot more versatile, not to mention, more fun!

The Weber Kabob Set 306405 is made of six stainless steel skewers all held by a heavy-duty plated steel rack. This is a perfect addition to your grilling menu, and you can make more appetizers and finger foods on it. The Weber Roast Holder 306407 is designed for easier roasting, may it be beef, pork, or steak. This plated steel roast holder makes it easier for you to transfer the roast to and from the grill. The Weber Rib Rack 306406 maximizes your grill space by allowing you to keep your meats in a vertical rather than a horizontal position. The plated steel rack can hold several ribs and whole pieces of meats in a standing position to make it easier for you to grill more pieces of meats at one time.

Sizes and Compatible Models

The Weber Kabob Set 306405 fits 18.5″ or larger charcoal grills and all Weber gas grills. The Weber Roast Holder 306407 can be used on all 18.5″ diameter and larger kettles and all Weber gas grills, but it is not fit Weber Baby Q, Weber Q 100 and Weber Q 120 gas grills. The Weber Rib Rack 306406 fits on 18.5″ diameter and larger kettles and all Weber full-size gas grills.


If you have a Weber grill, you don’t have to worry about replacing your grill parts and systems. Weber offers a long range of available charbroil grill parts, replacements, and accessories that will not only replace the old ones that you’ve lost or damaged, but also provide you with options to improve your grilling activities. And because they’re genuine Weber, you can rest assured that these parts and accessories will last long and help you optimize every charbroil grilling experience.

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