A Guide To Summer Day Camps For Children In The United States

A guide to summer day camps for children in the United States



In the United States alone, there are over twelve thousand summer camps, with thousands more in countries such as Canada, Russia, France and China. In fact, the American Camp Association reported that over ten million children attend summer camp annually.

Besides long summer camps, summer day camps are also becoming increasingly popular with children from all over America. The summer day camps allow your children to be active and enjoy themselves in a supervised manner for a day. This is a great concept for both child and parents alike.

There is no doubt that children want to play and explore when summer comes, and there are circumstances in which an overnight stay may not be feasible or within your budget, so a summer day camp can be a great alternative.


Many summer day camps are divided into three groups. The kindergarten group, grades 1-2, and grades 3 to 5. This breakdown allows for a logical grouping and also gives the kindergarten an option of part day schedules if needed.

All summer day camps are designed to be a great learning experience for the children, but also provide a huge amount of enjoyment and fun. The programs are designed to be challenging and stimulating and many rely on being practical with a real-life application provided. Such examples include building model bridges and understanding some of the underlying concepts.

The best one-day programs will bring a range of subject matters together such as science, art and the outdoors. The outdoor aspect is a traditional part of the summer camp experience and should not be neglected in any summer time program.

If you are looking to introduce your child to more technological subjects then you also have the option of a tech camp. A tech camp is essentially a way to introduce new technology and the application of it into a child’s life. They can learn about computers, gadgets, computer games and many other associated areas. There is a great resource that can be found at www.internaldrive.com.

iD Tech camps are America’s number one and leaders in the industry. They provide a range of summer camp curriculum, which can be customized to your child’s requirements.

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